Shopaholic's Guide: Sarojini Nagar Market Weekly Off Day and Bargain Hunting Tips

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Weekly Off Day

If you want to avoid the huge weekend crowds at Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi, the best time to visit is Monday when most shops are closed for the weekly off. This allows you to browse the aisles in relative peace without having to squeeze past hordes of people constantly.

Budgetshopping Heaven

The market is heaven for budget shoppers looking for bargains on everything from clothes, footwear, and accessories to home decor. Brands are often knock-offs but the quality is good for the price. Be prepared to spend time researching multiple shops to get the lowest quote.

Haggling Strategies

Haggling aggressively is the norm so don't be shy. Start as low as 30-50% of the quoted price and negotiate steadily. Walking away even for a minute sometimes prompts sellers to lower rates further to retain a sale. It's also wise to compare rates across various shops for the same item.

Best Shopping Areas

For women's clothing and footwear, head to blocks C, D, and E. Block E is a flea market for bric-a-brac and home furnishings too. Block A and P have good kidswear options. Electronic and phone stalls are concentrated in Block R.

Budget for Time and Transport

The market extends over a huge area requiring significant walking. Allocate at least 3-4 hours and carry comfortable shoes. Metro is the best transport option to avoid traffic hassles. Consider cab rides between blocks to save time.

With these budget-hunting tactics, you're sure to bag amazing deals all week long at this eternally buzzing Delhi destination. Happy shopping!

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