How safe is Tulum, Mexico?

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How safe is Tulum, Mexico?

Got a holiday and planning a vacation to Tulum Mexico but worried about safety and security? 

Don’t worry, it is completely natural to come up with such thoughts especially if you are visiting Mexico.

As Mexico is notoriously popular for crime related to drugs and guns, the question is whether Tulum is safe to visit or not?

To answer that, we have researched thoroughly and constructed this blog which will help you in letting you know whether Tulum city is safe and secure to visit or not.

So, we think, it's time we should head to the answer without spending any more time.

Is Tulum safe to Visit?

Yes, Tulum is completely safe to visit and a beautiful city to spend your holiday with your friends and is also marked as the second safest city to visit in Mexico according to the US reports and world report travel rankings.

Tulum is quite popular for elegant beaches and views along with mesmerizing places to explore and if we talk about figures and facts, there is an enhancement seen in the number of visitors, in 2018, it was 300,000 surpassing the prior record of 250,000 of prior summer.

Despite it, it is not been hidden that Mexico is notoriously famous for drugs, Drug cartels, gang wars, and other crimes related to it as we stated above but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't visit Tulum, just stay away from drugs and avoid late-night partying at bars as recently in many bars cases has been reported of tourists involved in fights due to drugs as well as cases of late-night robberies has also been reported.

So if you are visiting Tulum to spend quality time with family and friends, then Tulum is a great destination to spend your holidays and create memories. Just keep yourself away from drugs and late-night boozing. We are repeating it again.

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