Do Delta Airplanes Have Wi-Fi?

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This is a guide for people who are wondering "do Delta airplanes have wi-fi?" and want to know their options for staying connected on a Delta flight. With more than 1000 destinations, there are great chances that you will be flying with Delta one day. Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States. It offers flights to more than 350 destinations, and its fleet includes more than 700 aircraft.

Flights that have Wifi

Delta offers Wi-Fi on some of its aircraft, including Boeing 717s and 737s with Gogo technology and Airbus A319s and A320s with Panasonic satellite technology.

The airline has been working hard to expand its Wi-Fi coverage. In 2016, it announced plans to equip 1,000 planes with Gogo's 2Ku satellite technology by 2020. The company said this would allow passengers to access high-speed internet while in flight. The service is currently available on 150 aircraft, so Delta is well on its way to meeting that goal.


Gogo's 2Ku system uses Ku-band satellites instead of Ka-band satellites like other systems do, which gives it an advantage because there are more Ku-band satellites orbiting Earth than Ka-band ones at any given time. This allows for faster speeds over longer distances than other systems can offer — up to 70 Mbps for each plane equipped with 2Ku technology.*

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