Renewing Global Entry before it expires: what you need to know about the login process

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Checking your Global Entry expiration date

The first step is to check when your current Global Entry membership expires. Log into your account using your login credentials. Your expiration date will be listed on your member profile page. Make a note of when it expires.

Logging into your Global Entry account

Around 6 months before the date, you'll need to login again to start the renewal process. Go to and enter the email and password used to create your global entry account. If you're having trouble logging in, use the "forgot password" option to reset.

Sarting the renewal application

Once logged in successfully, you'll see a button or link to global entry renewal login Click on this to access the renewal application. Review the terms and conditions then complete all sections with your latest details.

Sheduling a renewal interview

Depending on your travel history or time since last vetting, you may need to attend a brief renewal interview. Interviews take place at Global Entry enrollment centers located in airports. Find a convenient timeslot at a center near you.

Completing other renewal tasks

You may also need to retake your fingerprints and pay the application fee which is currently $100. Have your payment details handy. Submit all requested documents to finalize the renewal process online.

Checking renewal status

You can check your renewed membership application status online. The portal will be updated when the background check is completed. Within a few days, your status should change to "active" if cleared.

Receiving an updated Global Entry card

Like the first time, you'll get a new physical Global Entry card in the mail if your renewal is approved. This ensures continued expedited entry through dedicated lanes at US airports.

Renew early to avoid delays

Start checking and renewing your Global Entry 6 months before expiration to leave enough time for processing without gaps in membership access. Proactively renewing online ensures you can continue skipping airport entry lines.

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