EOD Adventure Park: The Ultimate Destination for Outdoor Adventure Junkies

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Children enjoy playing in the park with friends a lot, adults like to walk, youngsters like to relax and ladies like to meet and greet, but adventure parks and greenery all around are loved by everyone in different ways. EOD park in Mayur Vihar, Delhi could be the best place for everyone and regular evening outings too. EOD park is very spacious, big, green, full of adventure sports, ample chairs, beautiful floors, nature beauty, etc. You can visit, refresh yourself, and enjoy with family and friends.

Mayur Vihar Adventure Park is famous and very popular among Delhiites, as people almost regularly go there and do exercise, jogging, sports, etc.


EOD Park is located in Delhi. The exact location is Sanjay Lake, Mayur Vihar, Delhi, near New Delhi Railway Station and if you are visiting through the metro then the nearest metro would be "Pragati Maidan" on the Violet line.

For thrill-seekers and adventure lovers, you must not regret visiting the place and enjoying various activities with friends and families.

Activities in EOD Adventure Park

There are multiple range of options available to explore and enjoy like,

  1. Ziplining adventure

  2. Rock Climbing

  3. Rappelling fun

  4. High Ropes Course

  5. Low ropes Course

  6. Paintball

  7. ATV Ride

  8. Bull Ride

  9. Kayaking rental

  10. Archery etc.

EOD Adventure Park tickets

Every visitor has to pay an entry fee and then they can choose an adventure package as well as per their wish, there are multiple other adventure sports as well like Bull rides and ATC rides which are extra chargeable.

  1. Entry Ticket: INR 50 per person is the Entry ticket

  2. Adventure Package price per person

    1. Basic - Rs. 1200

    2. Standard - Rs. 1500

    3. Deluxe - Rs. 2000

  3. Paintball - Rs 500 per person

  4. ATV Ride - Rs. 1500 per person

  5. Kayaking Rental - Rs. 200 for 30 minutes

  6. Archery Range - Rs. 150 for 10 arrows per person

  7. Bull Ride - Rs. 200 per person

For thrill lovers, EOD Park is the best place and without rushing, you can explore various adventure activities and fun games. Along with different packages, you will get complete instructions, a guide, and helpers too. All the activities are performed with complete safety and training before jumping into any activity For an ATV ride, you will have a person with you to help, and the same with Kayaking, etc. So, you can visit Mayur Vihar Adventure Park and enjoy it without safety concerns.

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