Explore the Heart of Central Delhi, Karol Bagh Market (Location, Timings, Things To Do, etc.)

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Want to explore the inside out of Delhi’s most buzzing market? Then, this blog could be your handy guide to know everything about Central Delhi’s Shopping and Cuisine Paradise aka Karol Bagh Market. From Karol Bagh Market closing day to Karol Bagh Market weekly day off - have complete details and plan your next Karol Bagh visit smartly!

Karol Bagh Location

Known as a giant hub for both residential and commercial spaces, Karol Bagh Market is situated in Central Delhi. The nearest metro station is Blue Line’s Karol Bagh Metro Station. You can also travel via train or auto rickshaw or any other local transport. 

Karol Bagh Market Timings

Is Karol Bagh Market open today? This must be the very first thought that comes across anyone’s mind while planning to visit the market. The Market stays open all days of week from 9 AM to 11 PM. You can visit without any entry fees.

Most Popular Karol Bagh Markets 

The entire Karol Bagh is filled with small shops and huge brands. But, let us share some of the most popular markets and things to do in Karol Bagh.

  1. Gaffar Market

Known for the cheap and durable gadgets and electronics items, one should not miss out visiting this famous market of Karol Bagh. 

  1. Bridal & Wedding Bazaar

Looking for some under-budget yet trendy bridal lehangas and wedding stuff? Then, Ajmal Khan Road, Padam Singh Road, and Arya Samaj Road are your go-to spots while visiting Karol Bagh. 

  1. Ladies Bangles and Cosmetics

Want shining bangles, choodas, and other cosmetic items that also fits your budget? Then, Saraswati Marg, Hardhyan Singh Marg, or Gurdwara road could be some of the spaces you must explore. 

Final Conclusion:

We hope that with the provided information, all your queries related to Karol Bagh Market Weekly off dayKarol Bagh Market closing day, etc. got answered in this blog. Explore the Market on your own and spot your spaces! 

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This is a free website created with hPage.com.