What other services are offered at Fun Kingdom Jaipur?

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Fun Kingdom, Jaipur is a very brilliant amusement and theme park where you can have as much fun as you want. This brilliant place is one of the best places that you can go to have an adventurous and entertaining time as there are different activities available at fun kingdom jaipur that you can experience. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the different services offered by the park then, here you will get to know about all of them. 

Fun Activities Present at Fun Kingdom, Jaipur

Before knowing the fun kingdom Jaipur ticket price, you need to know the activities that are present at the amusement park that you can enjoy. There are more than 40 amusement rides and fun activities that will engage your mind and body as you will enjoy the experience a lot. 

There are activities present for both adults and children so, you can go with your whole family and have a wonderful time. 

There are adventure rides like Zip Line, Rope Course, Rock Climbing, Knockout, Tsunami, Rain Dance, River Side Borating, Jumping Jacks, Kids Play Port and many other activities that will thrill you and make your time worth remembering. 

What are the tickets prices for Fun Kingdom, Jaipur?

Now after knowing all the activities, we are going to tell you about the fun kingdom ticket price so that you can easily plan your trip and decide when you need to visit the wonderland. 


Ticket Price (Mon to Fri)

Ticket Price (Weekend)


Rs. 650

Rs. 700


Rs. 550

Rs. 600

Senior Citizen

Rs. 400

Rs. 450

These are the tickets price for the place and looking at this, you can easily see that it is better to plan your trip on weekdays to save money. We hope that you can use the information to plan a wonderful trip to the Fun Kingdom. 

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