How can I Buy Online tickets for Bharat Darshan Park?

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The Bharat Darshan park is one of the best tourist attraction spots that people can visit in Delhi as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has created this part completely out of water materials.

It has not been very long since the park was opened and there are a number of people who are visiting this park and many more who want more information like bharat darshan park tickets price. Well, in this guide, we are going to tell you about the ticket price of the park as well as the online process with which you can buy the tickets for the place.

What are the Ticket prices for Bharat Darshan park?

If you want to know bharat darshan park ticket price then, allow me to tell you that the park has different tickets for people of different ages. There are two different tickets that people can buy: the normal ticket and the premium ticket and here, we are giving you the ticket prices so that you can easily plan your day to visit this amazing location.

Age Category

Normal Tickets

Premium Tickets







Senior Citizen




People can easily buy bharat darshan park ticket online as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has made it possible for people to buy the tickets before they reach the park for seamless entry and exit. 

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