Striped Hyenas in Gujarat, India

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Seeing the Hynas in the forest, have you gotten scared of them? Want to know more details about the endangered species Hyna?

Well, we will make you aware of all about hyenas, that you have seen in your wildlife safari in Gujarat through this post. Keep reading it.

About Stripend Hyenas

Native to North and East Africa Hynas are found in Gujarat in India and is now listed as an endangered species in the world as estimated by the global population census.

The rare carnivorous dog-like animal, stripend hyena is not a cunning nor a scavenger animal, rather the shy creature is dominated by dangerous carnivorous animals like Tigers, lions, leopards, etc., and remains unrecognized.

With their powerful jaws and strong teeth, Hynas crush the bones of small wildlife creatures and are known for their food. 

You can occasionally see hyenas in safari forest, as it hides in their dens by seeing the man. When all the wildlife animals are suffering from a continued drought in the forest, and a number of animals get died due to it while hyenas have a reason to be happy as they get an abundance in the supply of carrion which they can consume as their food.

In the forest of Ratanmahal and Jambughoda near Vadodara, the population of Hyenas has increased in the last two years due to less disturbance in the forest by human beings. All thanks to the pandemic Covid that has restricted people to go out for wildlife safaris. This non-glamorous creature has got a favorable environment to grow and it can be saved from the edge of distinction.

According to the census in May 2019, the number of hyenas in the forest of Jambughoda is 77 and noticed a remarkable growth in the number of Henas recorded 123, according to the census  2023.  

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