An immersing experience awaits - Museum of illusions Delhi ticket price and mind blowing displays

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Most people enjoy the museum which is fascinating. The museum of illusions Delhi is one of them. It is opened in the Connaught place in Delhi. There are 50 exhibitions available which are showing mid-blowing stunts and illusions.


It is found at the A block, 30-33 floor at rajiv chowk.


It is open for everyone from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Ticket price:


  1. Senior citizens: Rs. 500

  2. Adult: Rs. 650

  3. Children: Rs. 520


  1. Senior Citizen: Rs. 500

  2. Adult: Rs. 690

  3. Children: Rs. 550

The visitors should visit the holograms, revolving cylinders, and many more.


The illusion museum Delhi has an aim to provide knowledge in a fun manner. Different people with different age groups can enjoy and have a great experience at the Museum of illusions. This museum is known for its optical illusions. The museum is made in such a way that a number of visitors can visit this place and click various photographs. You can even make new mementos for your home like mugs, shirts, and many more. In this museum, you would be able to see 3D illusions.

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