Top Tips for Using WiFi Effectively

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Check Availability

Before your flight, check or the app to confirm if your aircraft has WiFi. Coverage depends on aircraft type. Knowing in advance helps you decide if purchasing a package makes sense.

Purchase Package Online

For seamless connectivity, purchase data packages through the website or app itself before boarding. This auto-loads your credentials safely without time-consuming onboard purchases.

Use Offline Mail/Files

To avoid buffering, download important mail, docs, music, or videos offline before takeoff. Then switch to airplane mode to use the cached content while flying. Once you are up in the air, you can purchase "aa-inflight wifi" package from the flight crew to reconnect and browse the web at a comfortable speed. Most airlines now offer various data packages for browsing, chatting, streaming etc depending on your needs and flight duration.

Choose Right Package

Look at flight duration and your usage needs to pick suitable data allowances. 250MB may suffice for browsing but 1GB+ is better for video calls or streaming.

Enable Flight Mode

Put your phone in flight mode after connecting to the in-flight network. This prevents frequent app updates and cuts connectivity issues due to signal congestion.

Use WiFi Calling

Make phone or video calls using WhatsApp/Skype to avoid paying for cellular minutes. Make the most of available in-flight WiFi minutes.

Close Idle Apps/Tabs

Close all background apps and unused browser tabs whenever possible to boost speed. Too many downloads or streams bog down connectivity.

Report Issues Promptly

Inform the flight crew in case of sudden disconnections or lack of network. They may check the signal strength or help troubleshoot problems.

Cache Webpages

Save time by caching commonly accessed websites for offline viewing through your phone or laptop browser.

Be Considerate of Others

Avoid bandwidth-heavy activities if many users are online to maintain decent speed for all.

By following these tips, travelers can maximize the benefits of's in-flight WiFi service for all their needs – from catching up on work to entertainment. Planning ensures a smooth, stress-free wireless experience even at 30,000 feet.

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